The ideal solution for transporting your footwear

The Shoe-Kaddy was created from a personal need for a product that could transport footwear while being secured to a sport bag and/or travel bag and would not interfere with the clothing or personal items.  Shoe Kaddy attaches to your golf bag, gym bag, bat bag backpack, tote, duffle bag, car, golf cart, locker, closet,  and more! You can mount Shoe Kaddy Virtually anywhere. Shoe Kaddy makes it easy to hang your shoes on the outside of your bag to keep out dirt and odor. Top athletes and professionals in every industry love Shoe Kaddy because it allows them to easily transport a second pair of shoes without sacrificing space or comfort. The unique perforated design allows air to flow through your shoes to keep them fresh and dry. Durable ABS plastic can be washed easily, and will not rust or damage your shoes like other products. Shoe Kaddy is the ultimate Caddy for your cleats and shoes. Shoe-Kaddy is also the perfect gift for the golfer who has everything!